Hey there friend, thank you for peeking into my little world!  I’m a wife, mama, believer, maker, I love me some hot tea, kiddie cuddlers, and the wind playing with my hair!

My motherhood journey is full of surprises, challenges, laughter, tears (sometimes my own), and memories.  I embrace it all.  It’s the toughest and the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.  Sometimes I feel like a supermom, and some days I feel like a total failure.  This is mom life.

Any time you read something out there in the interwebs, knowing who is on the other side of the screen is important, I think.  So in an effort to tell you more about who I am, here are 50 random facts about me.

Larisa at Raising Bliss - Enjoying Motherhood

  1. I love Jesus.
  2. I love to travel.
  3. I love glamping.
  4. I’m a twin mom.
  5. I am an introvert.
  6. I love to make stuff.
  7. I am my biggest critic.
  8. I love buying handmade.
  9. I’ve never seen StarWars.
  10. I call my daughter Docha.
  11. I call my sons Sunny-Boy.
  12. I never sweeten my hot tea.
  13. Summer is my favorite season.
  14. I have four boys and one girl.
  15. When I need a rest, I crochet.
  16. I’ve had a total of 9 surgeries.
  17. I am in love with my husband.
  18. I dislike bugs very, very much.
  19. My kids are amazing sleepers.
  20. I don’t use swear words. Ever.
  21. I speak two languages fluently.
  22. My favorite numbers are 22 and 7.
  23. I dislike mom jeans with a passion.
  24. I don’t like or celebrate Halloween.
  25. I eat the same breakfast every day.
  26. I don’t like to eat breakfast cereals.
  27. I drink hot mint tea several times a day.
  28. I wanted to be a nurse when I was little.
  29. My favorite Summer pastime is boating.
  30. All my children were born via C-section.
  31. I don’t like to be around negative people.
  32. I absolutely love the feeling of wind in my hair.
  33. I have a handmade baby brand called Meadoria.
  34. When I was a teen, I turned down a modeling job.
  35. Ever since I can remember, I wanted to be a mom.
  36. I love me a hot jacuzzi outside on a cold winter day.
  37. We have a cat, and she’s the prettiest cat I’ve ever seen.
  38. I am a recovering perfectionist.
  39. I always wanted to experience a natural birth.  It didn’t work out.
  40. I have many endearing names for my husband and use them often.
  41. We struggled with infertility for years; we then had 5 kids within 5 years.
  42. I am not a perfect mom, and I don’t try to be.  But I do try to be a good one.
  43. I always wanted to breastfeed.  It only worked out with baby number 4 and 5.
  44. At any given point, I have at least one unfinished project waiting for my attention.
  45. Whatever you do, never tickle me.  I might hit back, it’s a reflex thing.  Fair warning.
  46. I have a dream of taking my whole family around the world before the kids grow up.
  47. I have an array of daily things to do, but if I don’t plan out my day, only half will get done.
  48. When I’m working on something that requires a lot of focus, I can’t have music in the background.
  49. As a child, I was adventurous but unlucky.  By age 12, I had been stitched up six times, not counting surgeries.
  50. One of the things on my bucket list is to travel to all 50 states.  Not just drive through, but to stop and enjoy each one.
  51. I can chop a vegetable like nobody’s business.  My husband recorded me once, and we counted seven chops per second. 
  52. I dream of owning a house on a hill or a mountain with an incredible view.  I’m talking miles and miles of breathtaking landscape or water.
  53. Sometimes I don’t follow my own rules.  There are actually 53 facts here. 😉

I write about the wins and challenges of motherhood; the struggles I may be going through and the answers and solutions I may have found along the way.  If I could help even one fellow mama in any way, this writing thing would be totally worth it.

Remember, it’s ok to not be perfect and not to have all the answers.  You are doing better than you think, mama.  I hope you stick around, let’s get to know each other!  After all, this mothering journey is better traveled with friends.

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