How to Find Time For Daily Bible Reading

Finding time for daily Bible reading can be hard when you’re a busy mom. Here’s how to make it work.

Bible on a table outdoors How to Find Time for Daily Bible Reading as a Busy Mom by Raising Bliss

For the past few years, I’ve made a new year’s resolution to read the Bible in a year.  True confession – I never actually accomplished my goal.  I ended up reading the Bible sporadically, when I felt like it, or when I had the time.  The problem was that as a busy mom, I didn’t know how to find time for daily Bible reading.

This year, I made a change.  I took control of my time. It’s been a few months, and even though I did miss some days, overall I’m pretty consistent with my reading.

If you feel that you really want to read the Bible, but just can’t find the time, let’s talk about how to find time for daily Bible reading.

Learn where your time goes

In this article How to Find More Time in Your Day – A Busy Mom’s Guide I talk about just that – how busy moms with lots to do can find more time in their day.  

A very important element in this system is to track your time.  For a few days, keep a diary of where your time goes.


After you’ve tracked your time, analyze your findings.  This can be eye-opening.  You might be surprised how much time you spend in different areas of your life. 

Move things around

After you’ve analyzed your time diary, you will see clearly where your time is wasted, and where you can add more things to your schedule.  Move unnecessary things that take your precious time out, and add the important things to your day.  Make the necessary changes as you see fit.

Block out your reading time

Even if you’re not the time blocking type, try to block out specific time in your day for Bible reading.  Make an appointment with yourself and keep it.  Make sure to pick a time where you are likely to be less distracted.

A great time for Bible reading is early morning before the kids are up.  I love reading my Bible in the morning; I love how God’s word fuels me for the day ahead.  But sometimes, schedules don’t work out.  It happens to me, and I’m sure if you’re a busy mom, it can happen to you too.  Either your toddler woke up early, or you’re just too tired to get up before the kids do because the baby kept you up at night.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to have a back-up Bible reading time block in the evening after the kids go to bed, or during nap time.  This way, if you miss your morning reading block for any reason, you can read your Bible later in the day.

To learn about time blocking, read Time Blocking for Busy Moms where I thoroughly explain how time blocking works.


You and I both know that reading the Bible on a daily basis is important.  This is how God speaks to us, and we need to listen.  Make sure to keep your Bible reading appointments like you keep your doctor’s appointments.  Make it a habit, and stick to it.


Don’t forget to pray before reading the Bible so God can open up your heart to hear what He has to say.

When you read the Bible, and something strikes you, write your “aha” moment down.  You can either write it in a separate journal or right on the edge of your Bible.  I’ve done both, but lately, I’ve been writing on the margins of my Bible.  I like that my Bible doesn’t look new and crisp.  It means that it’s well loved and used.  It’s so nice to later read over the messages you’ve received through God’s word.

My flexible bible reading plan

Every day, I read 2-4 chapters from the Old Testament, 2-3 chapter from the New Testament, and one Psalm.  This is working out great, because if I’m reading the parts of the Old Testament that are uneventful, then a couple of chapters from the New Testament fill me up with the message I need.  

The psalms are great to read every day, because they’re full of praise for the Lord, and are a good reminder to give daily praise to our God.  Once I’m done with the Psalms, I’ll start the book of Proverbs, a favorite of mine.

This way of reading the Bible can hardly be called a plan, but I like the fact that if I only read one or two chapters on one day, I don’t feel behind.  To give me a visual of my progress, I mark the read chapters off using this Bible Reading Chart by Hannah.

It’s very important to remember that the point is not necessarily to reach the reading goal you may have set for yourself, but it’s being open to receiving the message God wants to give to you.  

Although my daily Bible reading may be driven by my goal, it’s fueled by God’s message.  I know I won’t feel that I’ve failed if I don’t read the whole Bible by the end of the year because my soul has been fed on a daily basis, and that’s the important part.

Whether you want to read the Bible in a year or a chapter a day, make time in your day, make a daily appointment with yourself, turn it into a habit, and stick to it.  Blessings to you, my fellow mama friend.

Bible on a table outdoors How to Find Time for Daily Bible Reading as a Busy Mom by Raising Bliss

How to Find Time for Daily Bible Reading as a Busy Mom by Raising Bliss

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