A Story of an Answered Prayer

Inside: A story of a mother’s answered prayer.

A Story of an Answered Prayer

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Does God answer prayers?  This is possibly one of the most asked questions out there.  Maybe you have your own stories of divine appointments, and maybe you don’t, yet. Either way, hearing true stories of answered prayers is uplifting and encouraging.

God answers prayers. He may answer them in different ways than we expect. Sometimes we don’t get the answer we want. Sometimes He waits until we are ready to receive the answer. And sometimes He gives us remarkable answers, such that we never considered even in our biggest dreams.

In this story of an answered prayer, the answer was crystal clear, and it came right away.

My Answered Prayer Story

When I was a child, I always thought I would be a mom to girls.  I imagined dressing my daughters in pretty dresses and braiding their hair.  I imagined family photos of myself and my husband surrounded by girls and maybe a boy or two.  

I grew up, married an amazing man, and my hopes of becoming a mom grew stronger and stronger with each passing year.  When we finally became expecting parents, it didn’t matter if the twins I was carrying were boys or girls.  Our daily prayers consisted of us having healthy children.

Our twin sons were born, and life as we knew it turned upside down in the most incredible way.  A year later we welcomed another son.  After a few hard months adjusting to life with three babies, things were settling down.  Our days with three little boys became fun and exciting.

When the twins were almost three, we were expecting again.  I remember having a little glimmer of hope for my childhood dream coming true.  Could it be a girl this time?  

When we learned that our fourth child was a son, I was content.  This was our thing, to make and raise boys.  I was satisfied with the fact that I would forever be a boy mom.

We never prayed for our kids to be a specific gender.  We prayed for children.  Happy, healthy children that will grow up to serve the Lord.

One day, when my fourth son was one, he woke up from his nap and climbed up onto my lap.  He was still a little sleepy, and he wanted to cuddle while his brothers played.  He loved being next to me and snuggled in my arms often.  

I ran my fingers through his nap-dampened hair.  He had such beautiful curls.  Every curl I stretched bounced right back to its curled state as I released it.  

All of a sudden, a longing feeling came over me.  I knew this feeling.  I’ve felt it before when we desperately wanted to become parents.  

“Will I truly never play with my own daughter’s curls and braid her hair?  Will I never ever have a baby girl?” I thought.  This feeling came unexpectedly because I was truly content with my boys.  I was happily a boy mom.  

I closed my eyes, and with my fingers still entwined in my little boy’s curls, I prayed, “Dear Jesus, if you ever give me another child, let it be a girl.  But only if it’s Your will.”

Just as unexpectedly as it came, the longing feeling left. And the next day, I’ve forgotten about this short prayer.

Within a month, I was pregnant.  As soon as I found out we were expecting, I remembered my prayer, and I knew.  I cried and laughed at the same time, I knew that this was an answer to my prayer, and this time God was sending us a girl.  

A few weeks later it was confirmed, we were having a daughter.  This is the power of prayer.

Getting Answers to Your Prayers

Sometimes a simple prayer said in very few words, with an open heart full of faith is all you need.  When you pray to God, talk to Him like a child talks to their loving father, open-heartedly, simply, with faith. 

Sometimes the answer we need is not the one we want.  And that’s okay, too.  If your heart is full of faith and trust in God, you will accept the answer you get.  Because guess what?  God knows better.  He knows what’s best for you in your own life. He does answer prayers. And always remember, God’s provision is all we need.

 Keep a prayer journal, note when your prayers were answered, and you’ll have your very own collection of answered prayers.

Want to remember this article? Pin it to your favorite Pinterest board.

A Story of an Answered Prayer

A Story of an Answered Prayer

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