140 Fun Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids

Discover 140 fun summer bucket list ideas for kids and cure summer boredom forever.

Kids playing outdoors 140 Fun summer bucket list ideas for kids by raising bliss

Remember summers as a kid?  Roaming around the neighborhood, playing with the kids on your street.  Finding treasure under bushes, going on a bicycle adventure.  Running into the house to ask your parents for change as soon as you hear the melody of the ice cream truck.

Times have changed, and so did the opportunities.  We may not be able to let our kiddos roam the neighborhood streets for hours on end, but we can make the summers fun in a hundred different ways. Experiences are important for our children.  And summer always calls for fun activities!

But what if you feel like you’ve been there, done that, and need new ideas?  I got you.

Our family sat around the dinner table one late spring evening.  The school year was about to end, and the boys were looking forward to finally letting the numbers and letters spill right out of their ears.  They were starting to act silly, and in hopes to get a conversation going, I asked them a question.

“What do you want to do this summer?”

This simple question opened up the flood gates of ideas.  “Go fishing!” One of the kids said.  “Swim in the pool!” Said another.  “Go boating and tubing!” Said a third, to which everyone excitedly shouted, “Yes!”

The suggestions came pouring in as I wrote them down.  I added a few ideas of my own, and together we compiled a very long list of things to do this summer.  This list includes fun activities for the littles, for school-aged kids, and for the whole family.

140 fun summer bucket list ideas for kids

  1. Play tag
  2. Stargaze
  3. Fly a kite
  4. Make jam
  5. Go biking
  6. Go hiking
  7. Go tubing
  8. Go fishing
  9. Play bingo
  10. Skip rocks
  11. Play tennis
  12. Paint rocks
  13. Visit a farm
  14. Go bowling
  15. Make slime
  16. Play soccer
  17. Play Twister
  18. Play frisbee
  19. Finger paint
  20. Climb a tree
  21. Go to a lake
  22. Go camping
  23. Go zip lining
  24. Ride a horse
  25. Plant flowers
  26. Collect rocks
  27. Play laser tag
  28. Play mini golf
  29. Go to the zoo
  30. Have a picnic
  31. Catch fireflies
  32. Blow bubbles
  33. Make s’mores
  34. Drink a slushy
  35. Have a bonfire
  36. Swim in a pool
  37. Bake brownies
  38. Play dodgeball
  39. Read 10 books
  40. Play badminton
  41. Play hopscotch
  42. Feed the ducks
  43. Play in the mud
  44. Visit a new park
  45. Go to the beach
  46. Have a Nerf war
  47. Watch fireworks
  48. Go to the library
  49. Pick wildflowers
  50. Go roller skating
  51. Play horseshoes
  52. Play hide & seek
  53. Have a yard sale
  54. Go berry picking
  55. Dance in the rain
  56. Collect seashells
  57. Go on a road trip
  58. Go to a yard sale
  59. Go to the movies
  60. Watch the sunset
  61. Learn a new craft
  62. Go on a boat ride
  63. Visit a petting zoo
  64. Make a birdhouse
  65. Watch the sunrise
  66. Play board games
  67. Build a sandcastle
  68. Make a new friend
  69. Have a pillow fight
  70. Ride a Ferris wheel
  71. Go to an aquarium
  72. Go to a water park
  73. Make sun catchers
  74. Have a pajama day
  75. Make tie-dye shirts
  76. Make a blanket fort
  77. Make a gratitude jar
  78. Ride a roller coaster
  79. Go on a nature walk
  80. Visit a nursing home
  81. Go out for ice cream
  82. Play capture the flag
  83. Have a treasure hunt
  84. Explore a nearby city
  85. Make root beer floats
  86. Have a slumber party
  87. Make fresh lemonade
  88. Visit a farmers market
  89. Read a book together
  90. Jump on a trampoline
  91. Wash the car by hand
  92. Stay up past midnight
  93. Play with water beads
  94. Camp in the backyard
  95. Watch a thunderstorm
  96. Do a fun summer craft
  97. Have a water gun fight
  98. Have a role switch day
  99. Visit a friend or relative
  100. Run through sprinklers
  101. Look for cloud animals
  102. Watch a movie outside
  103. Invite friends for dinner
  104. Have a scavenger hunt
  105. Keep a summer journal
  106. Make homemade pizza
  107. Eat watermelon outside
  108. Donate toys to a shelter
  109. Have a potato sack race
  110. Build an obstacle course
  111. Do a science experiment
  112. Set up a lemonade stand
  113. Send a handwritten letter
  114. Visit a local festival or fair
  115. Color with sidewalk chalk
  116. Have a family movie night
  117. Visit a national monument
  118. Go to an amusement park
  119. Have a water balloon fight
  120. Make sidewalk chalk paint
  121. Cook dinner over campfire
  122. Make and sail paper boats
  123. Go to a children’s museum
  124. Attend a local VBS program
  125. Set up a slip & slide outside
  126. Do random acts of kindness
  127. Make and fly paper airplanes
  128. Make modeling clay figurines
  129. Make homemade play dough
  130. Have a jump rope competition
  131. Go on a date with mom or dad
  132. Volunteer at a local food pantry
  133. Make handprint and footprint art
  134. Bury a treasure and make a map
  135. Write a story about your summer
  136. Bake cookies and deliver to neighbors
  137. Get ice cream from an ice cream truck
  138. Play with shaving cream in the bathtub
  139. Learn to hula hoop and have a competition
  140. Go to a workshop at Lowes or Home Depot

The next time you find that your child is complaining of summer boredom, or better yet, even before they get bored, get the cure via these summer bucket list ideas for kids and create amazing memories with your children.  Check each activity off your list and see how many you can do.  Let this summer become a memorable one, full of fun, giggles, and laughter.

Enjoy your summer!

Kids playing outdoors 140 Fun summer bucket list ideas for kids by raising bliss

140 Fun summer bucket list ideas for kids by raising bliss

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